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Earth Taken 2

A10 - over 5 years

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Earth Taken 2, You are in the middle of an alien invasion. Most humans and animals have disappeared from the planet, the ecosystem has been modified to suit the needs of the invaders and the air has become poluted. Kill all the aliens you encounter on your way and try to save the few humans who...

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Earth Taken 2

Y8 - over 6 years

4.47 Played 54,976 times

The planet Earth is not the one it used to be. Hordes of ugly aliens have invaded it, destroying all living creatures they saw on their way. The air is now poisonous, the ground radioactive, and you are probably the only human on the planet who managed to survive.

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Earth Taken 2

Addicting Games - over 6 years

4.35 Played 132,056 times

Earth Taken 2 starts off where the first game ended. You're the sole survivor of a car crash. You've lost all of your equipment except for a combat knife and a few gas mask filters. Search for food, ammo, supplies and other survivors.

Earth Taken 2
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