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Valthirian Arc 2

Y8 - over 4 years

4.0 Played 51 times

After decades of peace a new evil lurks in the Valthirian kingdom and only the magical academy could save the realm. Can you as principal find back your long forgotten powers? Can you restore the long closed academy back to full power? Expand the building, hire teachers, train students, knights...

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Valthirian Arc 2

A10 - about 5 years

4.0 Played 0 times

Valthirian Arc 2, Jeanne is about to begin another epic quest but her allies are nowhere to be found. She’ll just have to fight some monsters until they show up. Join her for another series of adventures in this retro role-playing game.

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Valthirian Arc 2

Kongregate - over 6 years

4.0 Played 0 times

Kongregate free online game Valthirian Arc 2 - 2015 UPDATE: NEW VALTHIRIAN ARC IS IN DEVELOPMENT Please visit and jo.... Play Valthirian Arc 2

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Valthirian Arc 2

Kizi - over 6 years

3.9 Played 0 times

Play Valthirian arc 2 on Kizi! The second installment of your favorite game is back, Valthirian Arc 2 is much bigger than the previous one. Manage your school, take command of group of student on the journey of the quest and lead your academy to become the best in the kingdom. Valthirian arc 2...

Valthirian Arc 2
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